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Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying about the service and quality they receive at Just Puppies:


Dear Just Puppies,
We are enjoying our new (Dachshund) addition to our family tremendously. We named her Bella Luna. She is very smart and loving. She is doing very well with potty training. Hardly any accidents. Everyone she meets loves her. She is a very happy puppy.

Bella Luna

Barb Henry


Having a blast in the sun earlier today.


Andrea Montgomery and Family


The Shar Pei/Basset Hound mix (HIPPO) puppy we purchased from your Towson location a few weeks ago. Wilford is a good spirited pup who has adjusted well to our home. He is curious and playful and has meet several neighborhood dogs and family dogs and gets along great with them all.



She is an amazing dog. Loves our older female pit. Watching them play is incredible. They are learning positive behavior from one another and they will grow up to become inseparable.




Louie loves his family and we love him thanks for making my family complete.


Diamond Benton


Just when my wife had decided no more children, we get Murphy!!! My wife Karen and I have two beautiful boys Anthony and Nicholas, never guaranteeing that girl Karen has always wanted we felt that our family was complete. Until Murphy Came along (another boy for Karen)!! Getting Murphy as a Puppy truly has made him feel like one of our children and a sibling to both Anthony and Nicholas. Even more so Murphy's high energy and puppy playfulness has been a huge contribution to how we spend our family time no more lazy days and TV time on the couch, because of Murphy we take family walks, bike rides, jog the neighborhood, trips to the park, and trips to the beach on a daily basis. It has only been a short time but like with each of our kids we couldn't picture our family without him. Now our Family is Complete!!!

Murphy, Anthony & Nicholas

Frank & Karen


My name is Dominique and I'm the proud owner of a gorgeous Shih Tzu puppy from Just Puppies in Towson. The staff was very polite and helpful in selecting the newest edition to my family!!!! Monster ( the name of my puppy) brings be great joy and amusement everyday and I could not imagine my life without him.




Just wanted to thank you for all your great help with "Harley" our new puppy. Your management treated us very well and provided us with the information that we needed to getting Harley. He is getting along just fine with our other little friends, Sadie and Jobe. As you know, in the attached pictures is Rocky (Black Shi-Zu) whom we lost3 weeks ago due to a long illness with his ear infections. Come to find out he had a small tumor in his inner ear on his brain, so we had no choice but to put him down. It was like loosing one of your own kids. He was a good loving little man. See attached Photos. Our purchase of Harley was from the Towson store. Their service with us was very professional.

Rocky & Harley

Thanks Again,
The Blauvelt's


My name is Erika I bought my Cock-a-Chon (Cocker Spaniel & Bichon Frise) puppy, Polo, last December and he has been the joy of my life. I bought Polo from Just Puppies in Towson.
It was Great experience and Polo is the best thing that has ever happen to me! He is the love of my life besides my fiance, he has been a great first addition to our family. I wouldn't trade him for the world so I have to give a big thank you to everyone over at Just Puppies for making my life so amazing by giving me POLO!




This is Brien, I got him at Towson Just Puppies. He is one happy little puppy and loves to meet new friends and play with his brothers and sister ♥




My girls loveMolly & Macy purchased a few months apart from Just Puppies on York Rd. They love to play together all day. Couldn't imagine life without my babies.

Molly & Macy



Thank you for my beautiful Princess. I am always posting pictures of her on Facebook. She has been a wonderful addition to the family. Loves to play with my son, he loves her!




This is Tiny and Pinky, my Chihuahuas I bought from the Towson location. I love these 2 dogs! They are the best and I don't know what I would do without them!!! Thank you just puppies for such awesome dogs!!!

Tiny & Pinky



Thank you Just Puppies for the forth addition to my furry family. Winston gets so many comments on how adorable he is, and many more asking what breed he is (Chorkie - Chihuahua & Yorkie) He has been a wonderful addition to the family!

Winston Theodore



I have gotten two puppies from Just Puppies within the last eight years and they have been little angels from day one. I always recommend my friends and family and even strangers that are interested in getting a puppy to Just Puppies. I look forward to getting another puppy in the near future and will be sure to come back to Just Puppies for puppy #3.

Button (Yorkie) & Leo (Maltese)



Thank you so much for our gorgeous Bull Mastiff Boom Boom we bought in fall of 2010! He has the best personality and just loves hanging out on the couch! He's not even 2 yet and weighs over 130 lbs! Thanks again for a great addition to our family.

Boom Boom

Susan & Bill


Thank you Just Puppies for my wonderful pup, Wyatt! He used to be half the length of my arm and now he's a bit more. He has a "sister" in the house in Lola, a French Bulldog who is bigger than she should be by... quite a bit. They play all day long and he is a bit crazy, but we are beyond addicted to him and he is pretty much the closest I think I will get to having a son. Our fans have also absolutely fallen in love with him.

Lola (French Bulldog) & Wyatt (Shortie)

Big Daddy Abel from The Amish Outlaws


The Staff at Just puppies were so nice and knowledgeable. They helped me select my little friend, and ever since we are inseparable. I normally rescue animals but wanted a puppy for my birthday, so I was driving down York Rd. and saw a friendly sign. I decided to stop and that�s where I fell in love with my little Italian Greyhound. They told me he loved to cuddle, and was very sweet. Once I looked into those little brown eyes I was hooked. Thanks Just Puppies!




"It's been 6 months and Phonzo and I have grown to love each other! When all my friends from school come over he has endless fun! He's a great puppy to be around. Just Puppies is a wonderful place to find a long life companion!!"




"I often tell people if they are considering a puppy to go to your place. We found the perfect match for our Jenny and family. You all were so wonderful helping us in adopting Hank and all the advice was appreciated. Hank and Jenny are so very happy and we are so happy to have Hank with us! He is the sunshine in our lives."

Jenny & Hank Jenny, her fianc�, and Hank


"We love our furbaby! Flynn was so shy at first but after three days he would not leave us alone! We are told how cute he is often! He is also very intelligent, energetic and funny. I don't know what we would do with out him! We were so lucky to find him at just puppies!"


Joseph & Janel


"I love my little man, the knowledgeable Just Puppies staff made finding the new addition to the family easy and fun."

Little Man



"Just Puppies gave us excellent customer service and were very patient with us as we occupied the rooms for as long as possible playing with our new puppies, but now we have two awesome new members of the family! We couldn't be happier ..... Thank you for everything!"

Thor (American Bulldog) & Maggie (Boxer) - 10 Month's Old

Dylan & Amy


"I'm thankful the Just Puppies Staff was able to match our lifestyle to the perfect breed for our family. Clementine is a great combination of active playmate, and couch potato!"

Clementine (English Bulldog)

Fredrick, MD


"Just Puppies has always been the place we go for a loving new addition to the family. The Owner and Staff are all so wonderful. I can't think of a better place to go for furry family members!"

Max, Molly, Maggie & Murphy

Bonnie & Matt


"Major has been a great addition to our family. Him and Mocha (my other standard poodle) have become inseparable. Thanks, Just Puppies, for all your help!"


Jon Steward


"I love my new puppy! She follows me around and we play all day! She looks so pretty in her sweaters!"