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We've partnered with the same knowledgeable Kennels for over 20 years. We like to ensure that our puppies are placed in the best possible homes. It's important that clients and puppies are not only happy, healthy and well balanced, but that they have the best Veterinarian care to get a great start in life. We hold ourselves our Kennels and our potential pet owners to the highest of standards. We do take pride in matching clients with the right puppy. Screening our clients prior to them acquiring a puppy helps us make sure that our puppies go to the right homes and that our puppies are best suited for the clients lifestyle. In order to avoid all substandard kennels (puppy mills), we take the time to visit our Kennels regularly.

With our new appointment only puppy placement process, clients now get a one on one puppy matching experience. There's is no rush or pressure when making your decision on your new family member. Our counselor will help you make a confident choice in your puppy selection, they will also pair you with a reputable Kennel. Their priority is to help you focus on finding the best path toward pet ownership. Make an appointment today and enjoy your time with us, we look forward to spending time with you!

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Proudly Showcasing From Mostly The Same Quality Kennels For Over 20 Years

We are experiencing high call volume, so we appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.
Showings by Appointment Only. Same day appointments are not always available. Please Call to schedule before driving to one of our location.
12-5pm Tuesday to Sunday
Entry to the building is not permitted without Just Puppies expressed permission.

COVID-19 Plan of Action

~Puppy visitation appointments reduced to 30 minutes

~Clients limited to sets of 2 people max

~Only one set of clients per 30 minutes

~New Clients only enter when previous clients have left

~Clients will not come into contact with previous clients

~Store sanitized between appointments


I love my new puppy!
She follows me around and we play all day!
She looks so pretty in her sweaters!

- Shayla

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About Just Puppies

Puppies for Sale in Towson and Montgomery County, MD

Just Puppies was founded by Tyler Thomson in 1997, as a family run business in Orlando, Florida. The store was a success, and a year after opening its doors, Tyler opened a second shop, also in Orlando.

Realizing that there was a need for honest, caring and quality-minded pet shops, Tyler's brother, Mitch, then opened his first shop in Laurel, MD, in 1999. Again, the shop was a big success, and so Mitch opened the latest store, in Towson, MD.


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Why Buy Your Puppies with Us?


We Offer...

Health guarantees for every puppy
Dogs from USDA licensed breeders only
Store sanitized daily
Free first vet visit
Free two weeks of vet care
Free crate training tips
Free shots and worming ($50 value)


Other Advantages

In-store accessories
Vet-certified puppies, registered and unregistered
One-year congenital health guarantee
Play with puppies before you buy!
Best selection of puppies in DC, Baltimore and Montgomery County, MD
Guaranteed competitive prices
Over 20,000 satisfied customers!

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