About Us

A History of Our Puppy Store

As a kid, my parents owned a small kennel that was ran out of our home, everyone was expected to help. I have countless memories of assisting my parents in caring for our animals. My mother, Florence Thomson, possessed tremendous passion when it came to the kennel. I feel that these philosophies have been passed on to me, especially in my business.

Just Puppies began in 1997, as a family run business. At this time my brother, Tyler Thomson, established the first shop in Orlando, Florida. After seeing his success, I soon realized that there was a real need for quality puppy stores. I opened my first store in Laurel, MD, in 1999. Today we have two locations in Maryland, one in Rockville and the other in Towson.

At Just Puppies we really care about our puppies - starting with their short, comfortable stay at our stores and continuing with their new lives with loving families. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members share in our commitment to our puppies and their well-being. They are eager to answer your questions and to assist in your search for your new family member.

Just Puppies Future

Just Puppies is not likely to ever grow into a large-scale type of chain puppy store, as we prefer to be hands-on, interacting with our clientele, and establishing long-term relationships with our breeders. It is our belief that educating people about the care and long-term welfare of their new pets is essential.

The Buying Process

Our puppies are purchased directly from either USDA and state licensed breeders or hobby breeders with less than four dogs. The breeders are highly scrutinized by both the USDA and state inspectors. Unlike most pet stores, we do not purchase puppies from large, high volume brokers. Having a direct relationship with our breeders is what sets us apart. Most of our breeders have been working with us for over 10 years. Our strength is in the quality of our puppies and the breeders we work with.
During the purchase process, we always have a veterinarian present, to supervise, and ensure that only healthy animals are selected. The animals are transported in our own climate controlled vehicles, to ensure their maximum comfort and safety.


When You Buy a Puppy...

When purchasing a puppy, you must be prepared for a long-term commitment. Research the various breed temperaments to suit your needs, and please remember to spay or neuter your animals.

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