Child compatible breeds

If you have small kids at home, it's important to choose a child-compatible breed of dog. We're listed good dogs for children below, as well as breeds that are less suited for houses with little ones.

Akita: Yes, the Akita will protect family children, apprehensive of other children.
American Bulldog: Yes, they are known for their love for children.
American Eskimo: Yes, good if properly socialized to children.
Australian Cattle Dog: Good with their family's children, but may not do well with other children. Herding instinct is common.
Australian Shepherd: Yes, most make great family pets, but some lines have been bred to be more aggressive.

Basset Hound: Very good, a delightful pet to children, very gentle with children.
Beagle: Yes, good playmates for children.
Bichon Frise: Great with children.
Bloodhound: Yes, Bloodhounds are good with children.
Border Collie: Somewhat, affectionate and obedient. May not be good with small children due to herding instinct.
Boston Terrier: Yes, are affectionate toward their family.
Boxer: Yes, loyal playmate. May be too rowdy with small children.
Brussells Griffon: Supervision is a must around children.
Bull Mastiff: Yes, they are dependable with children.

Cairn Terrier: Yes, they enjoy children's playful activity.
Cavailer King Charlese: Good, although children should be older if just a puppy.
Catahoula Leopard Dog: Good with children if socialized early on. They tend to be fine with kids, but supervision is best.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever: Yes, gets along extremely well with children. Although, they may react if provoked.
Chihuahua: Yes, if children are gentle. Should be socialized early on to avoid any aggressiveness.
Chinese Crested: Good, they are friendly towards people and love to be around them. 
Chow Chow: With mature children only. 
Cocker Spaniel: Yes, if from good blood lines they are exceptionally good with children. 
Yes, excellent. 
Coton De Tulear:
Very good with children.

Dachshund: Yes, make sure first experience with children is positive.
Maybe too excitable for small children and do best if raised with them.
Doberman Pinscer: 
Usually gentle, but will upset with unruliness, best suited for older children.

English Bulldog: Wonderful with children. Enjoys a low-key romp with children.

French Bulldog: Yes, good with children.

German Shepherd Dog: Yes, loves the children in their family, may be suspicious of other children.
Golden Retriever: 
sually good with children. Supervision may be needed for smaller children since they can be rowdy during play sessions.
Great Dane: 
Excellent with children, supervision may be needed for smaller children.
Great Pyrenees: 
Good with children, may be overprotective of family members.

Jack Russell: Yes, especially active children.
Japanese Chin: 
Yes, best suited for older children as they will not tolerate rough handling.

Keeshond: Yes, they adore children.

Labrador Retriever: Yes, devoted to their family and pleasing them.
Lhasa Apso:
Yes, good with children.

Maltese: It does not tolerate young children.
Miniature Pinscher: 
Yes, provide they are not pestered.
Miniature Schnauzer: 
Yes, great with children.

Neapolitan Mastiff: Affectionate and protective with their families children.
Newfouldland: Good with children, provides a wonderful companion for growing active children.
Norwegian Elkhound: Children should not tease them.

Papillon: Good with older children.
Pekingese: Better suited for older, quieter children.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Children should not tease them.
Pomeranian: May not tolerate younger children.
Poodle (Toy): Good with older children.
Poodle (Miniature): Good with children.
Poodle (Standard): Good with children, may be too rowdy for younger children.
Pug: Good with children, playful and loving.

Rat Terrier: Very protective and loving of children it lives with.
Rottweiler: Does better with school aged children.

Saint Bernard: Gets along well with children.
Samoyed: Loves children. 
Schipperke: Good with children if properly socialized and supervised. 
Scottish Terrier: Gets along great with considerate children.
Shar Pei: Best if raised with children, protective of family.
Shetland Sheepdog: Does well as long as children are not too rowdy.
Shiba Inu: Good with children if raised with them.
Shih Tzu: Loves children.
Siberian Husky: Great with children.
Silky Terrier: Tolerates children if handled properly, best if raised with them.
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: Gets along well with considerate children.

Weimaraner: Yes, usually very friendly with children if properly socialized at a young age.
West Highland Terrier: Yes, makes an excellent playmate for children because they can withstand rough play.

Yorkshire Terrier: Yes, does best with an older child and no roughhousing or hectic activity.
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