Breed : Keeshond

Store : Towson

Dob : 11/19/2020

Sex : Female

Potential Height : 18 inches (male), 17 inches (female)

Potential Weight : 35-45 pounds

Hypoallergenic : No

Personality : Typically “spitzy,” Keeshonden have a foxy face, pointed ears, an abundant coat, and a plumed tail carried high over the back. A unique breed characteristic—and one of the most charming hallmarks in all dogdom—is the “spectacles.” These shadings and markings around the eyes give the impression that a Kees is wearing designer eyewear. The specs draw attention to an alert, intelligent expression.

Energy Level : High

Good with Children : With Supervision

Shedding : High

Grooming : Often

Training :

Location : Towson

Credit :

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