Puppy Health

Just Puppies' Approved Veterinary Hospitals

Family Pets Hospital
9810 Belair Rd, Suite C
Perry Hall, MD 21128
Tel: (410) 529-PAWS (7297)
Owings Mills Animal & Bird Hospital
9623 A Reisterstown Rd.,
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Tel: (410) 363-0393
VCA Animal Hospital at Centre Park
8895 Centre Park Drive, Suite A
Columbia, MD 21045
Tel: (410) 955-9077
VCA North Rockville Animal Hospital
1390 East Gude Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: (301) 340-9292

Common puppy problems usually occur within two (2) weeks after purchase. Most of these problems are stress related. Stress can occur when your puppy is taken into a new environment. Your puppy is in many ways like a child during his/her first weeks at a new school. Your puppy may look fine in the familiar surroundings of Just Puppies, but shortly after bringing the puppy home, stress related symptoms might arise. Just Puppies has compiled this list of “Common Puppy Problems” that should clear up quickly after you and your puppy get used to your new life together. These problems can occur no matter where a puppy was purchased and therefore are not subject to returns or refunds.

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There are many reasons why spaying or neutering your puppy is a good idea. Unfortunately, there are also many myths about the process. Read on to learn the truth about spaying and neutering and why it's such an important contribution to your dog's overall health.

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There are many viruses that can make puppies sick and some are even fatal. Nursing puppies get antibodies from their mother’s milk (maternal antibodies) that protect them from disease for the first few months of life, these antibodies begin to gradually decrease when the puppy reaches a few months of age. To protect the puppy’s health, incremental shots are administered to replace the lost protection. Click the "Learn More" link below to read about some of the main puppy vaccinations and preventative medications.

Important: To determine which vaccinations and preventative medications will work best for you and your pets, check with your local veterinarian. Just Puppies recommends the following vets in Towson and Montgomery County, MD:

Family Pets Hospital: (410) 529-7297

Owings Mills Animal & Bird Hospital: (410) 363-0393

VCA Animal Hospital at Centre Park: (410) 955-9077

VCA North Rockville Animal Hospital: (301) 340-9292

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To obtain a PDF copy of our Puppy Health Guarantee, please click here.

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